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I had gone to church from a young age till about 14 years of age. Then every once in a while there after. I had never understood what Christianity was all about ( and still have lots of question) I started working with this girl named Erin. She is a very active christian as well as a teacher. Anyways I also had a friend that was taking the Alpha course and at the retreat had a real break through and ended up asking God into her heart. I so wanted this, but had a very hard time since I really didn’t understand. My friends ended up going to her pastors house and prayed with his wife, before she went I asked her to say a prayer for me to find me way to God! That afternoon out of the blue my friend Erin called me and asked me if she could stop by. I shared with her my frustration of not understanding. She sat with me and explained to me about being a Christain and God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Then she prayed with me after our talk. I feel that she was sent to me for a reason and am so grateful. I am presently attending church asked god into my heart and am going to start the Alpha Course this month as well. I am also wanting to get baptized in Febuary. I have never felt so happy about something…I am very blessed!

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