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Rome is mainly a symbol in Revelations, as it was seen by Jews and Christians at the time as a manifestation of Babylong in their day. The new government and world leaders during the tribulation will be able to trace their spiritual/politcal roots back to Rome and Babylon, but not necessarily geographical location. The headquarters for the antichrist’s rule, with the location of the UN, is most likely at this point to be New York.

If the AntiChrist rises in our times, he will take over the existing United Nations and turn it into a potent and dangerous Beast, as the bible says. As weak as the UN is, it can only be the precursor to the Beast the bible speaks of.

The AntiChrist’s official religion will be that he is God and if you don’t worship him, he will kill you. He will start his own religion, in which he claims to be Allah (or Mohammad), Krishna, Buddah, (the main deity in every other major religion,) and, the Jewish Messiah, for their sake, he will have to be able to not only prove he’s a jew but also a son of David or orthodox jews won’t buy it. He will likely be denying the first coming out of one side of his mouth and claiming to be Jesus Christ the next.

The Devil knows about the True Living God, he just wants to overthrow His Kingdom and sit on God’s throne. The AntiChrist, as the devil’s son, will most likely have the same awareness. Neither will realize until their swift defeat at armaggeddon how futile their dreams were.

In terms of religion, his claim to be the fullest revelation of all the world religions most key figures actually most identifies him with Hinduism, which currently claims that folks like Jesus and Muhammaed and all other major historical religious figures were all manifestations (ie, reincarnations) of Krishna.

In terms of world senarios, muslims conquering the united states and then being smashed in turn by an antichrist taking advantage of a Hindu teaching that the New Age movement (which is essentially hinduism for americans) has embraced, is more likely than a muslim antichrist. Strict Muslims will actually reject the antichrist because of his claim to be God, which is not possible in Islam. Allah never was and never will be a man according to muslim teaching. The antichrist would have an easier time convincing muslim’s he’s Muhammed, but again, Islam also does not teach reincarnation, so even that one would be a tough sell.

Ironically, the muslims most likely to be taking a stand against the antichrist are the very terrorists busy trying to destroy Christians now. They will be surprised when they find themselves standing next to Christians waiting for execution. Maybe some of them will repent.

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