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diana morel

Hey everyone God Bless….I have a question that I’ve been praying on….maybe someone can give me some insight…..is listening to “music of the world”, meaning rap, r&b, country, pop, rock, etc…..the reason that I ask is because before I was saved, I loved listening to slow love songs, like Marvin Gay, Louy Armstrong, The Platters, Luther Vandrolls, Boys To Men basically and romantic love songs….I’ve been to a club twice in my entire life and personally don’t like the atomsphere, but my family always have home partys, so I know what it is to dance merengue, salsa, r&b, etc. I’m actually a homebody, So in my quite times I liked to listen to these types of songs, even when I simply clean the house…….I haven’t listened to any of my favorite songs because I’ll feel that I’m hurting my relationship with the Lord…..Now is this a sin when listening to romantic songs about love?

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