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Ryan Post

Several times in the nature debate, the issue has been raised like this: “Our sinful nature prior to being born again is different from our nature as children of God.”

The problem which we are encountering is a different idea of what nature entails. Those who have said things along this line to me regard nature as pertaining to that which we do.

This is not how we understand nature though, hence the confusion in this dialogue. My manner of thinking philosophically, regards nature as being what something IS, as opposed to what it DOES.

The tree has a tree nature. This nature is what the tree IS. Same deal with a rock, or bear, or anything in the natural universe which God has created. My thinking about human nature is along the same lines.

Whether a person is ‘born again’ or not, they are a human being with a human nature. As I see it, being ‘born again’ pertains to grace and the action of God in strengthening our nature and preserving it. God makes us whole again and undertakes the process of our regeneration. We are not something other than man, but man strengthened, vivified, enlightened, and truly alive.

I think that ought to help us understand each other.



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