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This is for young believers in Christ who attend public schools as well as Christian parents with kids in public schools. As we all know, the doctrine of separation of church and state is enforced in the public schools. Your response to the following should be like this.

If the schools tell you not to pray, pray anyway. The scripture says to continue in prayer. Col. 4:2. You can pray silently and of course, do it when there is no classroom instruction. If the school tells you not to get together with students to pray, do it anyway. During lunch recess, after school or before school. Students get together to do or talk about other things, so why not Christian students getting together to pray?

If the schools tell you not to read your Bible in school. Bring it and read it anyway when there is no classroom instruction. Students bring magazines to school to read and talk about, so why not bring God’s word, the Bible? And while you at it, try to study and discuss the Bible with other bible believing students during lunch breaks.

If the schools tell you not to witness of Christ, do it anyway. Students talk about partying, drugs, rock music, among other things while in school, so why not talk about the most important subject there is, Jesus Christ and the salvation he purchased for us on the cross?

IF the schools tell you to accept homosexuality and other perverted lifestyles, don’t. Those lifestyles are sin.

If the schools try to discourage you from living godly in Christ Jesus, encourage yourself in the Lord to live for God with all you heart and strength. You may experience ridicule and hardships, but it will be worth it in the long run. May God be with you.

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