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I couldn’t see LOVE any where, my heart was broken. The woman I thought I was going to marry, she ran away with another, and I burned down our house. I was a psycotic drug addict for years, in and out of prison and mental institutions. My family was broken up, I had no future, no education, no nothing. I’d rather die than live the life I had. Anyway I cried a “Thank you” toward heaven, when I saw the beauty of a sunset. And LOVE became real. During the next few days, I saw amazing signs, and GOD send his spirit into all kinds of people, prophesying into my life. Unspeakable signs. Also I saw my sin. I wanted to repent, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t believe in Christ. At a meeting with Charles Ndifon, I participated in a worship song, as I’ve always liked singing. The words: “I totally surrender to you”, when I really ment it deeeply in my heart, that’s what opened me up, to recieve the Holy Ghost.

JESUS CHRIST came to me, healed me and set me free.

I LOVE JESUS, and will serve Him as my master every day now.

I seek His righteousness daily, and I am Happy.

Nothing compares to the touch of JESUS.

I am born again. Hallelujah.

Please pray for my family to be saved as well, and pray for my eyes and my knees to be strong, and see only the Lamb.

Brethren, keep the Faith, read the Bible, and act on it.

I LOVE YOU, and thank you for praying.

U.V Jensen

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