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Hey guys, I was thinking you know how God got really unhappy with those brown people for not giving him all their money or their firstborn kids or whatever so he pops open a can of whoop-butt on them via locusts and what not? I was thinking that I’ll bet when the end of days gets here it’s gonna be like that only since now we use all these pesticides with all these messed up chemicals and crap in them that those locusts are gonna have to be SO TOUGH. Like not NORMAL locusts cause that’s been done and they’d be way to wussy about it nowadays. You can’t just be like “Yo we’re locusts and we’re gonna wipe out your crops you Egyptian jerk.” cause you know that the farmers would be like “Yeah, whatever that’s so funny I forgot to laugh oh yeah, and by the way, say hello to my friend Monsanto.” and that would be the end of the locusts. So you KNOW God’s gonna be pullin’ out all the stops for this one. I’m talking like solar-powered cyborg lazer locusts. Talk about AWESOME! Wait, so is the end of days Satan or God, I forget. Damn, I hope it’s not Satan cause that guy would probably do something even worse. You know how he is, he’d be all “Recognize!” and then barf like eleven billion cyborg lazer locusts covered in poison oak just to show up God, cause that’s how it is. Anyways, what are your thoughts?

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