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Kim Hauck

Dear Heavenly Father,

I ask that you send angels down and around Shekinah to comfort and minister to her in this time of need. I thank you Father for keeping your hand upon her and I praise you for you know what is best for her. I ask that you give her strength to hold on to you and that you will send people into her life to minister, encourage, and lift her up. Father, I ask that you give her back her desire to worship you and that you let her feel a peace from you that is beyond her understanding. I thank you Lord for being there for Shekinah in her time of need and I know that your arms are around her and your hand is upon her during this time of heartache. Lord, let her feel your presence whenever she feels lonely or discouraged and uplift her in her time of need. Father, only you know her heart and the pain that is in it and I ask that you heal her and that you use her as a vessel of yours that others can see the light of Jesus Christ through her. I thank you Father for moving in her life for your word says that whenever two or more agree upon anything in your son Jesus Christ’s name believing it will be done and I agree and believe with Shekinah and others praying that you will comfort her and heal her heart and bring her back completely to you. In Jesus’s precious and holy name I pray. Amen


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