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Lord, i come to you first to praise you and lift your mighty name up in the name of Jesus. Father, you who knows us best, better than we even know ourselves, you formed us in our mother’s wombs and every hair that is on our head you have counted. you made us and called us good. Lord i come to you, asking you Lord, to draw shakinah closer to you. Lord, she feels herself slipping and she doesn’t want to. Lord, you have gone through countless heartaches over us, you came to earth and experienced heartache the way we do in the flesh, and Lord you have won over heartache and lonliness by the power of your resurrection. Lord, right now my sister cannot see past the pain, but i ask you as humbly as i know how, to please touch her. Let this be a moment in which she will learn that she is not a rock but you are The Rock of Ages, when she is caught between a rock and a hard place, let her see that you are The Rock and that all she has to do is lean on you and you will give shekinah strength, shelter in storm, shade from the sun, and a hiding place from those that would cause her harm. Lord, thank you for the work that you are doing in shekinah’s life, thank you for loving her but mostly thank you for saving her eternal soul. in Jesus wonderful and glorious name i pray, amen.

God bless you shekinah. i will continue to pray for you. please, email me if you need to talk, ok?

remeber more than anyone else ever could, to a depth unimaginable, Jesus loves You.

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