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this is something i was thinking about the other day and was just interested in what everyone has to say

a problem i have with religion…a major problem…is that i dont respect your beliefs

not believing in god and its not even about what you believe its why

i think the problem is you are told what your opinion is, you are told what is right and wrong

you do not come to these conclusions with any rationale only that god said so

you are told what your opnion is and then you come up with reasons to defend it

gay marriage…i dont think anyone using logic can deny them that right but youll defend the sanctity of marriage when there already is no sactity of marriage and youll point to nature saying we dont see homsexuality in nature when desptie the fact that according to your own beliefs we are not animals

and then youll defend you beliefs to no end

for example george bush STILL will not say going into iraq when he did was a mistake…20/20 hindsight is of no matter to him…i think that is a perfect example of what my problem is

in spite of facts and reality a religous person will stick to their guns and dont get me wrong conviction is great, unless your looking at the wrong picture

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