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I want everybody to start a new topic. In the subject area you can ONLY put the type of car that you drive. Then tell us in the message everything you know about that car and where you have been with it. You can learn a lot about a person by the type of car they drive. I will go first:

– I drive a green Jeep Cherokee Loredo (4.0).

– It has automatic transmission.

– It just turned 100,000 miles last month on our way home from Ohio.

– It has been to Ohio and back to Maine 3 times.

– It has had several repair work done on the exhaust and got a new stabilizer bar and steering column.

– It has a radiaitor leak but, heh, it can’t be too bad if I am only adding a new quart every other week or so.

– After I bought the Jeep I got married and my brother in-law bought me a nice Pioneer CD player to put in it. After we installed it I moved to Ohio. The first night there my Jeep had been broken into and my stereo stolen.

– On my 25 birthday (August 16th) my Jeep was stolen from me and was found a few days later on the East side of Columbus.

– One of the springs under the drivers seat is busted and so I lean towards the door a bit and it seems to sit lower than the passenger side.

Can’t wait to hear about your vehicle –

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