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Greetings & Allo, I drive deluxe 1996 Toyota Camry Beige/Tan Large Mid-Sized 4 Door Sedan it should be very very large of size & should drive very very smoothly sailing over a road like a calmly moving boat & should be in mint condition which I have owned since 1999 late & was purchased by the original owner from a Showroom at a Florida dealership as a made late in the year 1996 mint-condition car. I am not sure of the miles yet around 82474? Other information: I have pale bleue towels draped over much of my car & printed out maps of various places such as Canada & some US Western States. I have everything a deluxe model had that year plus an area for storage between the seats if such was extra & I think it was. I originally had a moon-roof which is semi-dangerous; my car was not declared stolen, so I have my car without a moonroof now. My original car with a moon-roof never was replaced. Another feature that disappeared was automatic seatbelts. They disappeared one day & were never returned. Also I have WASP Christian writings in my car.

I drive exclusively in Connecticut (what should be CT) mostly in lower Fairfield County yet sometimes I drive up to the West Hartford area which has changed much over the last 20 years. I have noted about 3 different landscapes going up to West Hartford one which has a Wendy’s Hamburger store on the right hand side of the road driving North while at least another almost identical landscape does not have this eatery. Well, I do not drive much of anywhere with my car yet I have had a possible Christian vacation planned if I meet a girlfriend. Happy Fourth of July! Blessings in Christ, Ann-Marie

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