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What Fun!

– I drive a bright blue 1998 Dodge Durango, was my dream vehicle that I never thought I’d get. I sure wouldn’t pay what they want for a new one.

– Bought a week after 9/11, looked at it the day before on the lot and was test driving it. took it back on the 11th cuz we figured gas prices would go sky high but they didn’t so we purchased it a week later. Dealer gave us what we wanted for trade in and I negotiated a great price so I won both ways!

– It has automatic transmission with 4wd and all the hoots and whistles.

– It just turned 63,000 miles with tons put on the past 2.5 months with family doc appts.

– It has been to Wisconsin to the west/Montana. Had been a leased vehicle so who knows where the first 36,000 miles took it! I only got to drive it 175 miles of the 4400 miles we traveled. Hubby wouldn’t give up the wheel lol.

– It needs new tires but have to get tie rods fixed first so will be costly….need to do before winter snow comes, which in Wisconsin could be any day the way the weather changes

– It is loaded and I got my CD player and great speakers with it. Has a power driver’s seat so great for my short legs and hub’s long ones.

rear passenger window needs to be fixed, power unit isn’t working.

– has the 3rd seat in the back and grandkids fight who gets to sit back there. reminds me of riding in my parents station wagon with 5 younger brothers and sisters fighting for the back.

Have a blessed day all….

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