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Hello everyone. I am J-MAN. I just found this site this mornin’ and I joined very quickly before I had to skoot off to school. I found this site through Amazon.com and I love the way it had the Yahoo! feel to it so I created an account for e-mail and stuff like that. I enjoy the whole concept of this place, in other words.

I am 17, live in TX, a senior in high school, and I am a very spiritual person in Christ Jesus. (At least, I used to be.) See, my faith has been shook for the past year or so and…well, I’ll leave that for another topic.

My confirmation name is St. Peter. I associate myself with Peter all the time now. Whether it be 1 or 2 Peter in the Bible, his life, his mission, anythin’ like that, I associate with myself and try to find comparisons in my life and his as well. I picked his name because of the way he died: I admired it so very much.

With that said, I think I have covered enough for everyone to know me. See y’all around.

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