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Youth and elder people can get weary. Now before talking too much concerning this lets look at something and allow for the Lord to have His say.

It is easy for Preachers to become parrots I believe at times to repeat or work off of others revelations. What I want to share is new at least for me (fresh Rhema.)

So here we go and I hope all who read this will find refreshing from on high. Also I believe God directed me to say this I know it can become lame when those who preach like the looks of their soap boxes just too much. God is interested more in all of us then in what we can do. He is not that easily impressed considering that scientist’s can not make big enough telescopes to count the very stars God has said we could not count in the first place.

The obvious and much spoke about concerning these 2 verses in Isa 40:30-31 is Eagle’s can spread their awesome wings and glide for long periods of time almost effortlessly. Youth can get discouraged spiritualy and become weakened just like adults.

The eagles hit the winds and soar to places where the wide open space is and with their excellent sight they see for many miles very clearly. For me the emphasis I always worked with in my thinking was pretty much limited to just this. We do indeed do need to soar above our problems to find renewal and strength in the Lord’s joy and thats good stuff. Yes this is part of the waiting on God, but I dont want to experience and undone sense of counsel in adhering to God’s remedy for our renewal and strength, to be stretched to the point of growth we must experince pain at times. Body builders say no pain no gain. Joyce Myers says if we dont have a test in regards to having a testimony we only have a mony. Let your heart become a sponge and absorb the thinking here, even if it is not up to par in grammar or what ever else could be wrong with it! Up higher places at times I think ones objectivity can be clearer, and theres just times we get so clouded by our seeming lack in regards to knowing the out come. Maturity comes through the walking because I thinking it is easier to come to a halt then if were flying or running compared to walking. Some times we just got to stop and be still and know He is God in our curcumstances. Walking and fainting not ummmmm, when we walk in the spirit we will not fulfill the desires of the flesh. Eagles have their take me away calgonite or what ever that soap ladies use is too, but the real world is realy hurting and too many times we feel like having the wings of a dove that we can just run away and not have to deal with our reality.

In His prescence we are indeed strong. You see the higest places are not the only places to meet with God. Having done all to stand and still stand takes us being on our feet. Feet are precious because they bring glad tidings of God’s love The part of scripture I want to express thoughts on are they shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint.

To say much more I know some one will find this boring and complain saying it is too long, I think it is worth it but lets call this part 1.


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