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hello.. i dont really know where to start… i just need prayer, i feel like everything is falling apart and i cant get out from under this vail of depression. my relationship is failing, my brother was diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time. i cant find a job. etc. etc.

i know that these are things that everybody has to deal with, its just that everything all at once is overwhelming. my relationship of 7 years has not been real good for about 6 months.

i just feel like God has forgotten about me sometimes. i am a christian and i pray and read my bible everyday… i am just very lonely and very discouraged.

i just ask that you would pray, pray for things to get better, and if God does not want to make them better right now, please pray that he would give me peace and strength to get through. i sometimes feel it would be better and easier to “call it quits” and go be with my God.

also i know that my fiance’ is not saved… he used to believe or so he thought… but i know that he does not feel that way anymore.. i worry so much about that. so please pray for him… if nothing else, pray the most for him and his salvation, for God to touch him and help him to know.

thank you all so much.. have a wonderful day and God bless you and yours.

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