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well where do I start;

1. our church http://www.icms-tx.org has faced a number of problems concerning the remobeling of our church, the changes that the city is askin are out of our bugett. plz pray that the next proposul we present to the city will be acepted, we need God to touch there hearts in a very graceful way…

2. a very bear friend is about to finish her tec school”computer grafics” she needs prayer that God may open doors for her, give her direction as to what she has to do and where to go.

3. my son Chris, first I must say he loves the Lord. he’s a senior, hard to believe how time fly’s he’s my only son and the greatest gift God has given me. plz pray that the Holy Spirit guide him at all times, giving him a clear direction for his future. he wants to go into ministry amen.

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