Immorality and Illegality of War

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I don’t call answering the pleas of an oppressed people to free them from an evil dictator aggression. In addition, as Sadam did not keep the terms of treaties that ended the last war in Iraq, the new fighting is just the Gulf war breaking out again because Sadam didn’t do what he promised to do.

Furthermore, the Iraqis wanted us to march in to Bagdad and take out Sadam in the first war, and we promised them we would, and then backed out b/c of the UN. The result was Sadam went out and killed millions of his own people.

As far as I’m concerned, this war isn’t about oil or aggression, its about keeping broken promises.

The proof is on the Tv as the pictures flood in of rejoicing Iraqis tearing down Sadam statues, posters, and throwing shoes at him.

Should we have started all of this in the first place? I don’t know, but now that we have (twice now), we had better finish it this time or the Iraqis will pay the price.

BTW, the government’s job isn’t to baby sit us, providing for our “health, welfare, and education”, as the first two were traditionally handled by churches and charities, and the latter was a power reserved for the states. The federal goverment is supposed to be to protect national interest, guard american fredoms, preserve law and order, (ie, keep us from killing each other) Unfortunately, from the very beginning, the government has assumed its people are stupid, and hense is taking on more and more powers and responsiblities, all of which comes with a price.

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