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Matt Haehlen

I find it disappointingly bogus and heritical that certain segments of those who would think to be mainstream and authoritative in Christ’s Church today are systematically focused on imaginary doctrines, contrived teachings, and empty practices.

The following is a list of such doctrines, teachings, and practices which are neither commanded nor exemplified in Scripture for universal implementation in the Church:

1.) Impartation

2.) Release

3.) Taking Dominion

4.) Occupying

5.) Deliverance

6.) Personal and Wholesale Anointing

7.) Shekinah Glory

8.) Slaying in the Spirit

9.) Building Faith During a Service

10.) Seeking God’s Face

11.) Salvation Through a Non-Converting Decision

12.) Coming Forward to the Alter

13.) Stretching Forth hands to Impute Spiritual Substance

14.) Clearing Our Minds to Focus on God

15.) Individually Feeling the Presence of the Holy Spirit

16.) Flowing in the Holy Spirit When Prompted by Someone

17.) Running in the Holy Spirit While Talking or Preaching

18.) Claiming to Let God Do Something

19.) Welcoming the Holy Spirit to be At Hand At a Certain Time

20.) Entering Into the Holy of Holies

21.) Being in the River of Anointing From the Throne of God

22.) Having a Complete Understanding of Jesus

23.) Claiming God’s Promises

24.) Opening and Closing the Alter in a Service

25.) Speaking Against a Spirit of Religion

26.) Teaching by Using Words Without Actions

If any of these imaginary doctrines, contrived teachings, or empty practices are important to you, tell me where in scripture they are given for the Church to do today.

Remember, it is not wise to have doctrines, teachings, or practices which are based upon a single piece of Scripture.


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