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Hello Girl w/limp

No preaching here, just some advice by experience.

I’ve been married for 13 going on 14 years. I’ve been living for the Lord since a teenager. My husband is nine years older than me, like yours….and as they say,”Love is blind, but marriage is an eye opener.” My husband and I worked in ministry together while dating, then after marriage did it change! I’ve been asked, “was it really God’s will for the two of you? Was he God’s best?” My husband decided a few years ago to give up on the “traditional church”….in other words….me and the kids attend church alone. Lonely, yes! Frustrating….triple yes, is the Lord doing something in me…………..without a doubt! You see, many women have the idea of the “fantasy marriage…everything is beautiful…no argument, etc.” But, let’s be for real….marriage takes work………and you may hate your husband, due to the things the two of you participated in before marriage, and you are really perturbed about it now.

You see………….we make our own decisions, and make up our mind if things don’t quite go as we think they should. We look at other marriages and think…gee! “Look how wonderful they are!” And, “I wish I had a man of God like that!” Guess what! You do have a man of God………..drifting through life because of “Things!” My dear sister in Christ, you as a woman of God have the power to see the Spirit change you, then change your husband. Take a good look in the mirror, and laugh, because we aren’t as wonderful as we think! My biggest prayer…please Lord help me keep my mouth shut, don’t play Holy Ghost to this man, and to pray, pray, pray. You see he’s like that, because the Lord is working something out of you, and in you! Do I sound preachy?…please, I’m not trying to be. But, before making any drastic changes ask the Lord…Our Father to show you what is spiritually going on with your husband, and as you pray for him you will see changes.

Love is a commitment, not just the warm fuzzies! Believe me I do understand somewhat of what you are experiencing, but not completely…why? We are different people, with different circumstances, but the Lord knows exactly what is going on and what is in your heart. You have adulterous thoughts, because you think you could have done better. But just wonder…you have a diamond in the rough, and you want to leave that to get cubic zirconium!

God Bless!

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