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girl_w/limp wrote:

Do you understand? The man is not a christian! He doesn’t even attend Mass on Easter! Let alone join me on any given Saturday or Sunday for a spirit filled service.

He refuses to be a part of this family spiritually, and I’m forced to carry the weight.

Well I just won’t do it!

I have chosen to love the man, and that choice has mugged me emotionally each and every time!

Do you see my dillemma?

He loves me, but he doesn’t love Jesus!

That is so disgusting to me.

My husband didn’t serve the Lord for the first 15 years of my marriage either. And it was lonely, and it was hard to be the only Christian leader in our household. But scripture doesn’t give us an out just because they aren’t saved … it says that if we stay they and our children will be sanctified. Not easy, but true.


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