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I love what Chaplain wrote, and I can’t say enough how true it really is! Love is a choice…sometimes one of the hardest choices you will ever make.

I haven’t been married that long but one thing I have learned is that a negetive attitude will start making you think things that aren’t always so. I have been guilty of having a negetive attitude and realized that my unhappiness a lot of the time was being created by my own bad attitude.

I don’t know your situation at all but I do know that sometimes if we give it over to God and ask him to help us see what HE wants us to see it can really change our hearts. Leaving just because youre unhappy wouldn’t be a reason to leave….God never said we’d always be happy now did he?

Please don’t take this as preaching or telling you waht to do I’m just stating it from what I’ve learned from my own bad attitude! Now that I’ve chosen to commit to my marriage and stop being a little fence sitter things are happier and A LOT less stressful in our home. THings aren’t perfect and theres always going to be room for change but its a process and I’m glad I chose to stay!!

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