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sonja zamora

Hi flow..

I just wanted to share my testimony with you!! When I got saved, my husband was a drinker, abuser, and also very dominating….When i received jesus the first time…i listened to his mockery and let it stop me from receiving what God had for me… I eventually did get saved again and have served God since. I totally understand your frustration so clearly…but God had told me that if i wanted to see him saved that i had to show him(husband) what christ was all about by my example..for 2 months i had to live with the pain of having an unsaved husband…during that time i loved him with God’s love as God had loved me..I lovingly told him since i was trying to raise the kids in a christian atmosphere if he would please keep his drinking and cussing outside of the house and also the smoking…well amazingly enough he agreed…i joined the church choir shortly after i got saved. I had to practice at home…so i would sing songs like soon and very soon we are going to see the king…and i would see my husband from the corner of my eyes just stare at me…soon my kids would join in and we all would be singing through the house…he was miserable…but i trusted God to touch him through my example…see i realized something very early in my walk with God…people cannot resist the love of God…i began loving my husband as a soul needing God and it changed my outlook and my perspective…He started on his own to ask me what church was about…i would excitedly share with him the sermons about how God loves us and how he wants us to have peace and joy and love and a sound mind..it was not easy at times but God answered my prayer…One day my husband came home drunk…he said he wanted to go check out this God i was so happy about…he went up and received jesus that night and went to church the next morning..from then on he started to go to church…..This is just one testimony and only you know what your husband needs…he needs jesus just like you and every unsaved person out there…it won’t be you that saves him it will God…Trust God to hear your prayer that you and your house shall be saved..

your sis in christ

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