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girl_w/limp wrote:

Well, La Vonne, I don’t know what any of that is like. I’ve had it wonderful.

Except for the few significant moments where my husband has said words he would never mean, or when he just couldn’t trust me because of hurt that either I or someone else caused him…. except for those seasons of lovelessness when we didn’t even look at eachother…. I really don’t know what that’s like.

And our experiences don’t have to be identical. You can’t totally identify with my experience, and I can’t with yours. But we’ve both felt pain. We both have longed for love. We both have been confused and wondered where to turn. And we both believe that the only whay to have peace is to submit to the loving care of our Heavenly Father. Right? Please don’t abandon truth, ‘kay? ‘Cos that’s the only way to find sanity.

La Vonne

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