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Sssssssssssh! God wants to tell you something!

God has been trying in these posts to tell you something through people who have gone through what you are going through.

God doesn’t want you to guard your heart. He wants you to soften it. He wants you to change your attitude which is the ONLY thing that will change your situation. Things will only change after YOU change. You need to take the first step. Why? Because you are the one complaining here. If he were complaining here I would tell him that HE needs to take the first step. If he did, it would help him – whether it helped you or not. If you change YOUR attitude, read some good marriage books, decide to focus on things that are good instead of fanticizing (and that is all that they are – fanticies) you have the ability to change your situation. It will help YOU whether it helps him or not. But in my marriage, once I made the steps to change myself, he changed. I wish someone would have told me a long time before what I am telling you here.

Yes, God wants to tell you something. Hopefully you are hearing him.

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