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As a child, I had experienced some unexplained events, including hearing a disembodied voice call my name when I was around five years old. Many years later, my interest in the ‘paranormal’ led me to research ‘talking poltergeists’ throughout history, including America’s Bell Witch and Mary Jobson cases along with Europe’s Isle of Man case.

In 1995 I interviewed a contemporary family dealing with the phenomena, Centrahoma’s Bell/Mc Wethy family. They discussed their interaction with a variety of spirit and alien voices – central among them the enigmatic Presence known as ‘Michael.’ In 1997 I published these interviews and journals of my experience in the book TESTAMENT that is now available free online at http://testament.org

Among the events I experienced in Oklahoma were materialization of coins and other objects, spirit laughter and groaning, and insect phenomena. Upon returning to Los Angeles, the phenomena continued and escalated. I stopped working as a publicity writer for Paramount Pictures, the film studio with the famous mountain logo, as I began transcribing the tapes. Discovering that interview microcassettes contained Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)/spirit messages and unattributed sounds, I soon began to realize the greater implications of what on the surface were a succession of events long associated with the ‘paranormal.’ A Superconsciousness was communicating to me through the subconscious minds of other people within the ever-evolving perimeter of my own belief system.

In the Bell Witch case, there was an incident where the haunting Entity repeated two different ministers’ sermons in their own voices after they’d spoken in different locations at the same time earlier that day. In Centrahoma, Twyla Eller told me about an incident where she overheard her sister and a friend talk about a flat tire. Later, Twyla witnessed the same conversation when it actually occurred so she said it was as if their house had recorded it before it happened. I thought of these occurrences following my return to L.A. My TV set started going off whenever I began to watch it. Upon turning on MTV’s “The Real World” set in London, at that precise moment one of the roommates was complaining that their telephone service had stopped working and then my TV went off.

The range of my experiences throughout my life enabled me to find parallels between the account of the Angelic Force called ‘Michael’ by the family in Oklahoma with what has been recorded about the Angel Who spoke to Moses in the Mount, was mentioned as an ‘angelical spirit’ in the Nostradamus 1555 letter to his son, used Edgar Cayce as a channel, was referred to as ‘The Mahatmas’ by THE SECRET DOCTRINE author Madame Blavatsky, communicated via the Ouija Board to inspire the MESSAGES FROM MICHAEL books, and was glimpsed in a near death experience by Dr. George Ritchie as described in his book RETURN FROM TOMORROW.

At Paramount, I contributed to publicity campaigns for more than 100 films, including “Ghost,” several “Star Trek” films, “Scrooged,” “Dead Again,” a reissue of “The Ten Commandments,” “The Butcher’s Wife,” “Fatal Attraction, “The Godfather Part III,” “Forrest Gump,” “Braveheart,” “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” and “We’re No Angels.” After my experiences, I perceive watching movies or television shows as distractions to the real and important work Spirit calls us to do: helping other members of our human & animal family and stopping the destruction of the Earth’s eco-system.

Angelic Guidance manifesting in the life of an entertainment industry publicity writer is a metaphor reminding us that we each are part of a divine process as we create from our subconscious and shared Superconscious mind. Ironically, I discovered that my lineage chart reveals ties with film directors Alfred Hitchcock (“Rebecca,” “Family Plot”) and Ken Russell (“Tommy,” “Altered States”). There are photos at my website that document spirits and apparitions, bushes that went up in flames behind my condo, a bigfoot, and entities at a window that some believe to be aliens.

The bell synchronicity in my life culminated when I found physical proof of a previous life as Bel-Marduk, also known as Egypt’s Amun-Ra or Edgar Cayce’s Ra-Ta (Sun-Earth) the priest. Visiting an antique store near my home in Echo Park, I found an Egyptian pendant with a profile of my exact likeness. In 1932 Cayce channeled the message that Ra-Ta would return to the world in 1998. That year, people discovered the testament.org website.

The connection between Bel-Marduk and Ra is a subject of the work of Zecharia Sitchin, whose book THE WARS OF GODS AND MEN describes on page 224 how clay tablets found in the ruins of Ashur and Nineveh present an ancient ‘script’ involving “Bel, who was confined in The Mountain.” Sitchin relates that translators Heinrich Zimmern and Stephen Langdon found parallels between the tale of Jesus and events in this earlier resurrection story of Bel-Marduk.

As in “Publishing Information” at http://testament.org – “Reading TESTAMENT illuminates the lost knowledge of the relationships of man and the carnal world with those changes that fade or fall away in their various effect, making plain the interpretation of death. The reader’s consciousness is expanded; thus the ‘uncovering’ of the Hall of Records . . . Spirit has made my life an open book so that others can expand their consciousness.”

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