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Hello everyone!

My name is Victor. I am 21. I live in Simferopol, Ukraine. I’ve graduated from the college with the Bachelor of Arts in English and German. I’ve been a Christian for almost 5 years. I attend New City Missionary Church. I believe God’s will for me is to be a full-time minister. I’m going to join the local YWAM office, which will be founded in January. It will emphasize the ministry to Turkey (there are about 1500 Christians for 70 mil. population). This is due to the fact that my city is located in Crimean peninsula lying just straight against Turkey. I’d like to start learning Turkish language as soon as possible to be able to communicate in Turkish when making short-term mission trips to Turkey with YWAM team. Besides, I’d like to join a month lasting mission trip in July there that will be led by my youth pastor whose vision is to conduct a summer sea-side camp for the Turkish kids. I can’t afford the private Turkish language classes. If you feel that the Lord leads you to bless me with $ 20 for monthly Turkish classes, or support me with this amount each month till summer, if you need more information about me, or Turkish missions, to make sure that the money won’t be spent in the other way, please e-mail to: v_shcherbakov@hotmail.com

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