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Dear brothers and sister in christ Jesus

Dear Sir / Madam


I am in search of an organization/philanthropist for assistance to

enable me further my studies. I am Lawrence Saah Varnie, a Liberian male

refugee, living in Ghana since 1993. In my stay here, I was able to

enroll at Accra Technical Training Centre (ATTC) Accra, where I obtained a

certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics, and later furthered my studies

at the Accra Polytechnic, Accra where I also obtained the City and

Guilds -Ghana in Motor Vehicle Technicians part I, II and III through the

help of some philanthropists. I also did a nine months industrial

attachment with Silver Star Auto Limited (Dealers and service providers of

Mercedes-Benz Ghana).

At the moment I have completed the necessary job placement requirements

in Ghana which requires one year National Service. Presently, I have no


hence my desire is to study further for at least a diploma or a degree

in “Logistics and Transport Management” instead of sitting doing

nothing. Pursuant to that, I have been offered admission to pursue an

International Certificate course in Logistics & Transport at the Ghana

Institute of Management & Public Administration (GIMPA) the program at the

cost of ¢12,000,000.00 for a period of six months. The admission letter

herewith attached.

I am therefore writing to appeal to you through this submission to

assist me to pursue this programme and or recommend me to any institution

for assistance if you are unable to assist now perhaps due to resource


Please find attached to this letter, the objective of the programme and

its benefit to my nation for the post war reconstruction process.

Yours faithfully,

(Liberian refugee /applicant)



After the internecine civil war in my homeland-Liberia and the several

destructions of transport infrastructure and systems, one envisages a

new beginning for the country in all facets of the economy. Here, new

transportation policy in accordance with what pertains in a global

economy needs to be instituted. Undoubtedly, transport infrastructure

development, management, operations and planning are the heartbeat of any

economy; thus Liberia should not be left out in this global environment.

At the professional and technical level, there is the increasing

recognition of the significance of transport planning and management in any

land use decision which in turn influence developments in transport

technology and transport system capacity. At this juncture, while Liberia

is forging ahead with its reconstruction, transport system in all its

branches must be an essential component in these national undertakings.

Thus my desire to study Logistics & Transport Management at GIMPA is to

equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute

meaningfully to the development process in Liberia.

Program outline covers the following areas:

-Transport Policy; Transport Economy;

– Movement of Goods; Movement of People;

– Logistics; Accounting etc.

It is my conviction that, with the above knowledge and skills I would

be able to contribute in specific areas such as:

q Training of Drivers on driving techniques (road signs, etc) and

current regulations covering the industry. These I believe would reduce the

number of accidents on the streets of Liberia.

q Upgrade the Department of Driver and Licences Division of the

Ministry of Transport and Communications so as to assist in assessing and

issuing of licenses to qualified persons. This could be achieved by

organizing workshops / short courses to train staff in the Department.

q The course would assist me to adequately represent my country on

transport policy making and implementation at national and international

level in the area of Land, Air and Sea transportation.

q The programme would help me to better teach / train or manage any

established Transport organization, Technical Institution, etc.

it is agaist this background that i am requestingfor a prayers to help me fufil my dreams.

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