i am in desparite need of some things and need to know if anyone can help me please…. first off thanks for reading this ….second i need to know if anyone has any plus size clothing that they could donate a few pieces to me so that i can find a job that i need VERY bad to support my two boys…and i was also needing help with clothes for them too if this is at all possible and bedding for us too(king, twin, and full) we had some bed given to us and we have nothing!!!! the boys sizes are 6-7 and 7-8 and shoes 9 and 13 or the next size after 13(sorry dont know what it is ) the boys are 3 and 5 and im so ashamed that they have to go threw this time in there life. weve tried charities and churches and in this area it is useless! if you can help me i wear a 1-2x and 21-22 in pant. i would like these to be nice clothes if possible so that i can go to job interviews and apply for jobs in them. . thank you and god bless all of you even if you cant help us please pray for us!

kelly dyer

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