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First I want to apologize as this has nothing to do with prayers but I have no place else to post this. My mom’s friend was cahrged with providing DMV with a fake social security card( not true because he has a real one) and after months of heartaches he received a call saying they are willing to dismiss the charges if he stays out of trouble for 6 months. What does that mean? isn’t this a plea bargain of sorts? the man does not have his papers yet so I don’t want him to accept this only to end up having it shown on his criminal records or background check(he doesn’t have a crimal record yet)

If anyone knows what I’m talking about please give me a little bit of information on it. I can’t let someone walk into a trap if I can help them and since he’s got one of those public defenders he is not been represented well. He’s expected in court tomorrow at 8:30 am so I need help by then to guide him.

Thank You all for reading.

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