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I don’t know why alot of people these days believe that you don’t have to read the bible,you can just think up stuff to believe.I talked to some one who believed that this week.

People are putting their desires before God’s.They just state their opinion,and it doesn’t matter what God says about it.

Last Sunday,I went to a Church that taugh a lesson about how bad our families

are today.Then they went through the biblical families.He described the biblical families from a “devils advocate point of view”.

But then he didn’t go though and say what the Bible teaches about the families.So,he was basically being a Devil’s advocate because he just told us the advocates point of view,and not God’s.

Today,too many people are wanting to Recruit people to their Church.And yes,it’s their Church,not God’s.Theirs.There are so many religions.People just think of going to church as a religion,just a routine that you can pracitce every Sunday,sometimes Wednsday,and when ever they feel like it.

Church is not for our entertainment.It is to Worship Christ.To Worship Him for dieing for us,for forgiving us,for loving us.We shouldn’t go to Church to make our selves “feel Good”(Even thought you do feel good when you go to Church).We should go to Church to Hallow His Name.

Here:is a site that I found.It talks about how Worship is not for our entertainment. http://www.geocities.com/internetbiblestudy/worship/lesson_3.htm

Here are a couple of Scriptures about this subject.

Proverbs 12:15

Hebrews 13:15


These Scriptures are in the URL I gave you.Please,click on that Url.It was very helpful to me,and I believe that it will be very helpful

to you also.


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