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In Lev 27:32 the tithe was instituted. Man, by GOD’s law was to give 10% and GOD would allow mankind to keep 90%.

When JESUS died and rose again HE fulfilled the law!

In the N.T. GOD, through CHRIST gave the 10% and left it to us to pay the 90%.

In Acts 2:44-47, we read where the new church bankrupt themselves in order to ‘FULLY’ serve the LORD and the institutional church provided for their needs. Later the church started to abdicate it’s roll of providing for everyone as they had need and the tithe was reinstated. Later yet we started to teach people to just “repeat after me and you will be saved.” Maybe it’s time to go back to Acts 2:44-47? OK, maybe just long enough to reawaken what it is supposed to really be? A sellout for GOD just as HE did for us?


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