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My Friends in this thread,

As it hurts to see churches, that are not in the place that they should be according to God’s word.

For I have seen the same happen to my wife and I. We have even been unwelcomed in churches.

So this I do encourage you to be the Lord Jesus Christ’s advocate. Approach that minister, and introduce your self, and see I got your message, but please explain this to me, and lay it out to him what you heard. You are looking to see this response, and if he is willing to get it right. I have done this myself. It is your right to check leadership. I encourage people to check me. Then you can really find out who owns that church. And if God does not own it, God’s word does say to not come back. But on that note please do find a home to belong in, so that your tithes will be given to your teacher, so that God can bless you. God will give back to you, hey 100 fold return on your tithes sound good right!



Not by nails, but by HIS LOVE.

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