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Bethany Swords wrote:


Hi! I know exactly where you are coming from. It saddens me to see how people are putting themselves before pleasing God. It is ALL about God. I just hope that more people will begin to realize that it isn’t about them. We need to fall on our faces and truly seek God. You may have heard about this book, but I highly recommend _The God Chasers_ by Tommy Tenney. It says it all!

God Bless!



I discovered this same heart-set a few years back and have had much less disappointment in life and faith since. It IS ALL about Him! That’s the way it ought to be. Yes, with Him, we are the whole focus. But, with us, He must be our focus. If we focus on ourselves, we just go deeper into sin, “selfishness”! And The God Chasers is an excellent expression of this fact. I read it recently. But, it only reinforced what I had already discovered. And others will discover this same truth if we just live it before then and allow Jesus to live His ongoing life from within us. Good Stuff Bethany! God is Good… All the time! mononJohn.

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