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As some of you already know in 1997 the Lord gave me a vision of two UFOs and told me Aliens are Demons, They are Coming and They are not Nice.

Recently I’ve been praying for more dreams and visions concerning the end times and last night I dreamed of this. I know this dream is from the Lord. It had the characteristics of a vision exactly like I had before. It was extremely vivid and I was more of an observer of the events than an actual participant although I did experience intense emotion as a reaction to the things I saw.

I dreamed that Brandon and I were camping and we were looking out of our tent at the sky. Brandon said look, and he pointed at the sky. There was a bright neon blue light that was moving very quickly across the sky. It was somewhat transparent and it looked like the moon except it was blue. As it moved closer to the trees it transformed into vehicle appearance similar to what a flying saucer or space ship might look like. It still looked like it was made out of neon blue light.

As it dissappeared behind the trees, suddenly a helicopter flew right near it and hovered over the trees. The helicopter had USA on the side of it along with some other words. Suddenly we looked ahead of us and we saw an alien lurched on top of a car. He was in a catlike position as if he was about to pounce. There was an officer standing in front of him with a flashlight. The alien looked exactly like the ones many claim to have seen. Skinny, large head and big black eyes.

Brandon and I began to rebuke the devil and take the authority of Jesus. Then we put on sneakers and prepared to run. (end of dream)

At this point, I believe the Lord keeps showing me these things because he wants his people to be aware that these manifestations are happening and they are about to become a reality to everyone. Sightings, abductions and crop circles are real. They are called phenomenons but they are very explainable and have been confirmed by many as demonic activity.



This is a very dramatic deception that is occuring in our generation and is preparing to deceive all mankind. These are signs in the heavens (UFO’s) and signs in the earth (crop circles) and angels of light (demonic beings/aliens). Be aware that these things are happening and God’s word is true.

There is one true God and creator of mankind, one mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ. Besides Him there is no other.

Things are going to begin to become very unbelievable in our generation. Take heed to God’s word and beware of lying signs and wonders whose intent is to deceive. Pray that God deliver you from the hour of temptation that is about to try the entire world and that He give you strength to endure until the end. He that endures unto the end, shall be saved.

Michelle Dulin

Denver, CO

End of the World Ministries


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