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please please pray for me I am loosing my faith and I dont know where to turn. I am so tired of being hurt and alone. I keep running into my husband and the woman he left me for and they are so happy and he trats her so much better then he ever did me and I dont understand why God wont help me. They keep getting happier and more and more blessings and for me evryday is hard. Everything that could go wrong does and I wish God would at least protect me by making sure I dont keep having this thrown in my face or at leats be given some area of peace and happiness but he only seems to help them. I dont feel him when I pray and my prayers arnt heard. I have believd in him since I was a child but I just dont know anymore. Why is he letting me be so hurt and alone and keep shoving their happiness in my face. I want to give up I feel like killing myself I cant take this life anymore I really cant. I need a miracle I keep calling to God to help to show himslef in my life but he wont and I;m desperate I cant live this life anymnore. Please pray for me I dont know what to do.

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