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Boy we teens are cofusing(I read some of the other forums) LOL I am in a confusing spot to. Lots of girls like me but i like this one girl. Everytime I tlak to here I am like mezmorized or something. I tried to ask her out and she said mabye. I have been running around the world since then. Actually I have had a bit of self repair and isolation time. Now I am kinda out of it and she seems to be trying to get my attention. THe thing is I am not sure if she is or its my imagination. I want to ask her to a dance in a couple weeks but feel like it will destroy me if I say no. At the same time I logically realise it won’t but may hurt a while. I just can’t get that through my head. I feel like I can’t ask her out to the dance. If I do I am afraid to scare her off. She isn’t Christian and I am fanatical at times. I also afraid she won’t be interested once she gets to know me cause I have the medical condition depression and get depressed easily, if things go wrong. Also I am inexperienced with girls and have only gone out on two other dates in past. Anyway could use advice or just encouragement of any form.

-Wesley “And it’s by grace and love that I am free

I’ll live with You eternally

I thank you Lord that I am free

I thank You Lord for loving me

I thank You Lord for dying upon the tree of Calvary

I thank You Lord for loving me

I thank You Lord for dying for me” by Kutless

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