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That was one of the many questions my brother asked me on the phone last night. My answers were: “<long silence> Faith” and many “It says so in the Bible!”. I try not to push my faith in Christ onto my family too hard, just for the fact that I want them to still talk to me. But when my 20 year old brother said “I think that the Bible has good morals” and “I can’t see such a loving God turning away a person from heaven just because he doesn’t have Jesus as his personal savior”, my stomach started turning and I needed to say something. After that last comment I laid John 14:6 on him. He then came back with “Well, it was men who wrote the Bible, they could of been influnced by society or political gain or something” I interupted with “you mean 40 men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit?” and then he continued with “How do you know they were inspired by the Holy Spirit anyways?” Another thing he said was “There are many many versions of the Bible, don’t you think they could of lost the true meaning of the stories in translation?” He likes the “Burger King: Have it your way” and “Buffet” style of religion. –I’ll have a little bit of allah with a side of buddaism, hold the wiccan please.– Much more was said than I can remember. Something about taking the Bible literally was mentioned. He quoted alot from Leviticus. Not eating pig or seafood and wearing 4 tassles on your cloak and something about wearing a hat or covering when you pray?

The big question that stuck in my head that I had trouble answering was: How do you know or can prove (without faith) that every word in the Bible is God breathed? And not by just taking Pauls word for it.

-In Christ


I pray that my family finds Jesus some day. I’m not being pushy, I just care for their salvation. I don’t want to look down at them when I’m in Heaven, I want them standing beside me.

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