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Hello all my name is Darlene I am married and a mother of 4.Our house burnt and destroyed practially everything.Our fire was 6/27/2002.We still have not recieved any homeowners insurance.The insurance company said we couldn’t touch anything.Well other people opted to help themselves to what little was left.Pretty much that was a push mower and our 12 year old daughters bike and our 14 year olds bike also.Now through prayer our daughters friends dad bought her a bike now there is the 14 year old boy still very sad.Please pray for a bike for him.Also some friends of ours is doing a benefit softball tourney for us the end of September they have advertised this for a month now with no calls.Please pray for that also.See you may loose everything in a fire but you still have to pay bills.I have a inhome daycare and lost quite a bit of income through this we are really struggling.My husband is bipolar and is really having a tuff time through all of this I have to be the strong one So pray for us also.If anyone knows what we can do to speed this up or someone who can help us please email me @ bless you all for your prayers God said where 2 or more are gathered please join with me in prayer.My husband is a big guy people have donated clothes but hardley any for him.If by chance you know someone who has some big guys clothes size 2x shirts 40×32 pants and a size 15 shoe please let me know.The kids need coats and other things my hubby needs a coat also .Well we all know us moms we don’t need much just so our family gets what they need.One more prayer request that is that insurance comes through and pays us and replaces our home very soon.Thank you all and more important than that God Bless you!I will be praying with you and expecting miracles!Dar

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