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the big doctrinal debate over the baptism of the holy spirit revolves over whether it is always given at the moment we come to christ (some in this camp will say at water baptism) or not, and whether it is still evidenced by spiritual gifts like speaking in tounges (some say tounges and even giftrs in general were only given to the apostolic church and have already passed away, others say the verse that says tounges will cease meant they will cease in heaven).

In my experience, and from reading scripture, it varies. Some experience it at conversion or baptism, some of these immediately break out into tongues, in others the gifts don’t manifest until the christian begins to mature spiritually. still others are prayed for later and recieve the baptism, others spend months and years seeking. considering the vast number of pentecostals in the last group, it seems to me *some* of them are trying too hard….

as for me, I apparently recieved the baptism at conversion/baptism, although I had never even heard of it at the time, which just goes to point out its not something one necessarily has to do anything to get.

regardless, what is really essential in the christian life is loving god. everything else grows out of that.

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