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Karla Heidt

My husband and I have been having problems recently with paying off $577 worth of car repairs. It is a 13 year old car and our only car and I have to have it so that I can get back and forth to school because there is no public transportation that goes to my campus. Because of the age of the car, in the past year we have had to get about $800 in necessary repairs done. We were able to get those paid off within a couple of months, but because this one is so expensive we just do not have the money to afford it. During this latest bout of repairs we had to totally replace the rack and pinion steering assembly and the power steering pump which came to $577 for parts, labor, and tax. That was after he cut the labor in half for us. We do not make long distance calls, we buy generic foods, we do not go out to eat, we do not drive the car a lot, and we keep the air and lights off as much as we can, but there are only so many corners we can cut to save money, and we still do not have enough to pay him back after we have paid all of the other bills that have to be paid every month. We have been trying to get assistance from various organizations to help us with food, electric, phone, and things like that so that we have more money available to pay the mechanic but we keep getting turned down either because we do not qualify, the electric bill is not high enough, or we have not received termination notices. Neither one of our families can really help us because they do not have a lot of money either.

My husband had a lot of money saved up before we got married, but the year before we got married his parents were having problems paying their rent so he helped them and now he does not have that savings anymore. They are not sure when they will be able to pay it back. We had the thought that maybe if we explained our situation on some Christian sites that maybe some people who had some extra money would be able to help us with a dollar or two. So, we thought we would at least try. He is a really good Christian mechanic and did the work for us even though he knew we could not pay him right away, and so we really need to pay him this money. With our only income right now being Social Security, it has been a serious burden and a lot of stress to pay this back, especially because he was so nice and did the work for us. We cannot just stop paying rent, phone, car insurance, and other bills in order to pay him back.

I am a full-time college student in my Sophomore year. I am able to attend school only because of the Federal Pell Grant. My husband is disabled from birth with a neuromuscular condition and has to use a walker to get around. Our sole income is the $522/month that my husband receives from Social Security for his disability and whatever he happens to get whenever he is able to find a job in this city.

We are not asking for a lot, just a dollar from each person, unless you are able and feel in your heart to send more.

You can PayPal this account: irishrose_01@yahoo.com , if you do not have PayPal and would like to help, then email us and we will give you our mailing address and you can send us a check or money order if you want.

If you are able to help, Thank you and God bless. We really appreciate it.

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