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Dove Bird

I will try to keep this short. I am 42 and have been in and out of therapy for years…noone has been able to help. I am now working with a Christian therapist and we are addressing the very fact that I am heavily oppressed since childhood. I learn spiritual warfare at an early age..was aware of the Lord’s presence at age 2 memories come with it. I received the Holy Spirit at age 13 and have struggled since. We have prayed over generational sin and many others. I would like to speak to someone in here who really knows the depth of this warfare and possibly the names of certain wicked spirits. Can we just cast them out or do we have to call them by name? I am plagued by many of them. I have cast them off others have cast them off but they come back even stronger. The strongest two are Fear and Torment. I am in misery literal misery…guilt, anxiety, fear, self harm and many other thoughts run through my mind every minute of the day. I am learning that the spirit of deception has taken hold of my self value for years…this is a hard one. I hear the enemy say to me….noone can help you, we are many and noone has been able to make us leave forever, you will need an entire church to get rid of us. I hear many things and of course they use my own voice. I am so attune to blackness around me I want to run under the ground and hide for safety. I apply the Lords words and it only works briefly…I am so exhausted, my health is destroyed,,,I’m a hand ful of pills and its sickening to see what I have allowed the enemy to gain in me. If I blame myself then I give him even more foothold. I also know the Lord called me to minister and counsel others as strange as that sounds and even in my own sickness I have done so. I have known from a young age that the Lord intended something wonderful for me to do for him……I don’t know how much longer I can take the pressure and squeezing of my very soul….my therapist only talks to me when I am paying her….I am afraid to go in churchs..the depression is too deep….CAN ANYONE HERE HELP…..AND I SAY THIS WITH FUTILITY BECAUSE I JUST HEARD A VOICE SAY….PRAYERS OVER THE INTERNET DON’T WORK EITHER YOU HAVE ALREADY TRIED THAT. This is serious!!!! The spirit of pride would have me not even send this to the forum but my fingers are going to gain control….and reach for the air and hoping something comes back in faith.

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