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You have been praying for my son who is bi-polar and struggles with drug abuse. He needs so much prayer I don’t know where to begin. His most immediate need is for a healing for the staff infection he has in his legs. It’s called cellulitis and he may have gotten it from injecting steroids. He’s not taking responsiblity for his health and he waited too long before getting medical attention. Now it’s spread to the other leg. He’s been in and out of hospital. He doesn’t follow doctor’s orders. He checked himself out before treatment was complete and the infection has returned. He understands that neglect of this may result in amputation, yet he doesn’t follow orders. He’s so stressed out with trying to live his life and survive. I believe he’s about to crack. He said he’s depressed and he cries out to us for help, but then we can’t get in touch with him because he won’t answer the phone. I really fear for him becoming an amputee or taking his life out of despair. And at the same time we’ve refused any additional financial help and are trying to legally force him to sell his vehicle relieving us of any further financial obligation unless he gets help. We cannot further enable him and yet he has mental health problems. I can’t stand being so far away and not knowing what’s going on. I don’t know what to do.Thanks for prayer.

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