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Diane Barnes

I am a christian song writer. I have written many songs and have been wondering for a long time how to get them ‘out there’ to the public. Since I sing but have no band…basically knew God gave me the talent and the songs…but I did not have a venue to bring these songs to fruition. I soon realized they needed to be published but also didn’t know how to go about doing that either.

It has been one of those things that it is hard to wait on God’s timing. Wait I did. I have just found a GREAT web-site for people like me. They are a community of song writers, singers looking for songs, bands and groups looking for songs, song writers looking for singers, etc….well, you get the idea.

Being folks who wish to honor the Lord with their music, I find them to be an excellent, extraordinary caliber of people. Very helpful and eager to lend their expertise to whatever glitch one might have. I have learned a tremendous deal from them.

They also will critique your songs if you want and help your polish them and hone your craft.

I have just published my first song on this site. The first day or so I had several artists interested enough in my song to want to hear the demo…which I did not have. They told me how to make one at home. *waiting on hubby to return with her new mike*

Take hope! God is going to fill the air with HIS music. The time is right. If He has given you similar desires, you might want to go to this site!!!


God bless you!




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