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Every time I come to this site and ask for prayers I get a lot of response and I thank you all for it. I need your prayers desperately. My husband is a non believer and my house is turmoil. he decided to open up his own carpentry business and I have been against it since day 1. this is his 2nd time opening a business and in order to make it work you have to have money for backup which we never have had. We sold our house or else we would lose it, we rented a house and he has not brouhgt 1 penny home since we moved in here. I am a believer and very responsible. I can’t make it on my own and I do not want to hurt my son. He was offered a very good job but did not take it. I ask for prayers. I again, am in financial struggle, no matter how much I budget I always have to give him money for gas and my salary alone will not make it. I feel that I want out of this marriage because he is bringing me down with him. GOD has blessed me with a great job and I thank him for that. But I pray that my son and I need stability in our lives, I cannot even sleep at night knowing how I am going to pay the bills and he keeps telling me every day that he is getting paid. Please LOrd, I cannot take this relationship anymore, he is not a believer and this relationship will never work. I just want to pray that I am able to make it until May when the lease is up and I can move into a place that I can afford myself. I have tried for years and I have prayed for years for this man to change and refuses. Please pray for my son and I, that I am able to make it thru this. ALl I want is peace in my life and I know with him I will not ever have that. You cannot live with an unbeliever because it just does not work. I need all your prayers it is desperate and horrible. I feel a kind of hate that is eating alive towards him. I know this is horrible and I want GOD to take this from me. ANger and hate is bad, but this is too much burden on me.

Please, Please pray for me.

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