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Hello Ken, and welcome back!

While you were gone, I had a spell of just plain angry days, probably Satan weaving evil into my life.

Anyway, I kicked him in the tush, and got back my “normal” mood, but not before I did myself some damage probably…oh well.

Sometimes an atheist just has to rant! After all some really nasty stuff has been tossed our way around here.

But, I think my friends forgive me, and the debate has been interesting to say the least.

Okay, back on topic before we get into trouble.

For my christian friends:

While it may be Satan that blinds us, it was Jehovah that “hardened the hearts” of unbelievers. What happens to cause such a condition? And does God still harden hearts to the knowledge of his grace and glory, and against christians?

Sorta still the same topic…can’t we just continue it here, please?


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