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I was going back to work at a job from which I was layedoff for about 8 months. I didn’t want to go back because the attitude of the remaining people is very negative, but I remembered a few years ago when I learned of the love and joy of the Lord there and saw how much it changed my life.

There were three christians working there(I had not been saved yet) and everyday no matter how bad people made it for them they always had a smile and a kind word for their fellow workers. Everyday I saw how happy they were and knew I had to have what they did. I later found out that it was God’s love shining through them that made them happy, happy knowing that God loved them and cared for them and wanted them to show His joy and love to the rest of the world,starting at the factory where I worked. If they had the look that I felt I don’t think I would have ever wanted anything they had!

I needed an attitude adjustment and am glad that God loved me enough to give me one! PRAISE GOD !!

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