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I now look and see what God has done for me and when i go thru in trails and tribulations i know my God can bring me out .You how you know he will i tell you what he done for me first,I was a drinker and a drug user and a prositute,and i was tryine to fill the empty hole in my life with things in the world but little i know that was on my way to freedom and when i was 28 years old i just turned 28 about 2 and half weeks and i ended up in jail of course for not the first time.I was 7 months pregant with my daughter which is now 4 and half years old.I was in jail for a month and oneday i recieved Jesus as my Lord and savoirin the jail cell and as the tears rolled down my face i felt peace that a never felt in years I give the Lord all the glory and the praise for he was the one who changed me and now i tell you dont give up on God he bring you thru amen.

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