My Opinion: I don’t want to sound harsh about any thing that I say,But here comes the truth… (#1.Prez Bush and Saddam should work this (Disagreement) out them selves like two Grown Adults. #2.Bringing guns in and taking lives and taking things by force is not in a good way at all. And its only putting America down BIGTIME. seems like most don’t see it, but some do.Taking things by force “oil” or ” anything else” is GREED, and greed is a sin and its against God In Heaven If someone says, “That oil is ours!” Then who ever says or even thinks that is Extremely Wrong, that oil BELONGS to God In Heaven,He is the Creator, and He is the one who Created it, not to mention The Universe, Planets, Earth,The Sun, Moon and Stars, and the Good things that are in HIS Earth that Created in the begining & STILL standing strong even today.But Please remember, He is the one who can Distroy it,(All)==> (IF that’s what HE wishes.) We *CHRIST*ians should keep this war in prayer *DEEP PRAYER* & Fasting as well, and ask God In Heaven to Please Have Mercy On Our Nation, instead of (God Bless America) What does every one think that God In Heaven has Been Doing All These Years?. He HAS been Blessing Our Nation,This Nation and KICKED God In Heaven to the CURB,*So To Speak* when it comes to Public Schooling,taking small posters out of post offices that have (IN GOD WE TRUST ) on them,American people opening there stores on The Lords Day “Sunday”, Killings running rampant,raping, stealing, drug and & alcohol abuse,SELFISHNESS,Rushing to do there own thing,People Polluting America “tossing trash on the streets”. People UNLATCHING from Gods Holy Word(Original,Original Hebrew and Greek Scrolls and KJV)*THUS SAITH THE LORD* ..Which I’d like to point out at THIS time,that everything in the KJV is coming to pass and has been ever since,and the KJV “King James Version” is at a 5th Grade Reading Level, and the other bibles are at a 8th to 9th Grade Reading Level and those bibles are NOT coming to pass.(I for 1 am Staying with Gods Holy Word (KJV),… Finally American coming together in hand to hand prayer, after Neglect God In Heaven for SO MAY YEARS. which to my opinion once again, is EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL AND MAJORLY UNCALLED FOR.God In Heaven Is The Creator Of ALL Good Things And should be TREATED as such,AND Should be PRAISED DAILY and Given, GR8! RESPECT TO.If no one else will, Then I will step up and ask,…(PLEASE FATHER GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR NATION,IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME I ASK YOU THIS, AMEN.) Now Everyone, Please don’t get me wrong, I do love America, and I do live in America,(BUT),That doesn’t mean that I have to except the UNGODLY ways of this NATION.) And who ever is standing up for God In Heaven Should feel the same way. Thank you for thetime that God has given you to read this.God Bless, My Brothersand Sisters in *CHRIST* ~GM~

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