grizz: your original post leaves readers with the impression that the war in iraq is over oil, which it is most definitely not. The war is about freeing a people from an oppressive dictator and is not motivated by greed or selfishness, though most americans ARE greedy and selfish. In general, I do agree with your evaluation that americans have done a lot of evil things.

So did Babylon. May I remind you it was Babylon that God used to punish Isreal. We’ve done some rotten things of our own doing, but that does not mean God can’t or wouldn’t use us to punish or end an evil regime else where. The US would be wise to remember Babylon’s fate, however. He did not leave Babylon unpunished. Hence, we can support the war and God can be using America as His instrument even with wrath being stored up for the US for its own crimes. Note, I don’t remember any US President slaughtering millions of its own people… oh wait, abortion. Almost forgot

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